I Food Projects is formed by several professional competences in order
To be able to offer complete solutions, from the sole machine to the
Manufacturing line, to the food processing sector.

Our 20 years experience in the international market allows us to perform
Efficiently and professionally:

• Negotiation.
• Marketing feasibility studies and market analysis.
• Selling management.
• Contractual aspects.
• Financial aspects.
• Logistics.
• Communication.
• Project management.

The direct knowledge of many markets and of all the issues related to the
Management of international contracts is necessary to bring the projects to a successful conclusion in the global market.
The need for reliability, professionalism and specialization is the basis
Of I Food Projects.
Meat processing, Food storage, Equipment and machines for meat processing, cold rooms, refrigerated cabinets and display from the slaughtering line to the finish product. For the conservation and exhibition of your products.

Fish processing, compact production unit, Equipment for the processing of all types Modular laboratories for the processing of fresh or frozen fish. Of the products. Even mobile
Milk processing, Water treatment, Custom made solution we offer a highly qualified service for milk processing, the water treatment and depuration…