Kiyan Sepehr Layan Company LLC. was founded in 2009 with Mr. Ali Bayatouni as CEO and chairman of the board in France, under GTG, finally in 2017, Kiyan Sepehr Layan Afrade Khase Jahani Co. was registered (Reg#32254) in Iran as GSP Considering its worthwhile activities, managed to build Holdings with many domestic companies and 4 foreign subsidiaries.
GSP began to grow rapidly. Today with great confidence, we expanded all over Iran and Middle East.

We are expert in providing information and advice to our clients for best result in their projects.
Therefore, we have dedicated our time and effort to satisfy and achieve clients goal with common ground interest.
Company activities:
• Commerce of Cosmetics, Chemicals, Medicals, Lab and Hospital equipment
• Establishment and construction of hospitals, treatment centers
• Management of all commerce and consumer affairs
• Perform project planning and control
• Compilation of comprehensive economic plans domestic & international
• Investing in manufacturing and industrial units
• Buying, Selling and Export, Import Commercial Goods
• Customs & ports Clearance
• Obtaining and Granting Foreign Representation
• Rial and currency loans and facilities
• Participate in specialized and non-specialized international seminars and conferences
• Implementation of Oil, Gas and Road construction projects
• Trade equipment for maintenance and design steel constructions, Pedestrian bridges and Bus stations
• Invest in Manufacturing billboards
• Construction and operation of livestock and poultry production units
• Breeding broiler chickens and producing one-day chickens
• Manufacture and installation of cosmetic products packaging equipment
• Provide specialized and non-specialized counseling
• Heat supply contractor
• Import, export equipment in agriculture, livestock, industrial equipment for Airports and public utilities.
• Performing cultural and artistic services in the field of handcrafts and visual arts
• Holding training and sales courses for import goods and raw materials
We would like to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation for dedication provided by our team and suppliers in Europe to reach our mutual goals in iran.
We aim to be active and creative companies to reach new markets at anytime, anywhere to Cooperate.
GSP Iran is a trading company with subsidiary companies with over one million euro worth turnover in 2018