Kiyan Sepehr Layan GPS holding has honorable specialty in the field of airport and civil equipment which according to the needs of Iran and the region have been able to provide the best services with the highest technologies and top brands across the globe and distribute them in the region.
Due to the fact that we have proficient experts who are aware of the required technologies in this field, the market of the region requires products with the best qualities and high technologies in order to improve the quality and safety of civil and airlines in the airports which is possible by having a well knowledge of products and technologies of countries across the globe.
The market of Iran and the region comprises of different categories which are as follows:
International airports, electricity distributor companies, civil companies, and etc. which the ultimate effort of our expert team is to connect these requirements to the global technologies.
We would be honored to announce with the help of our hardworking team on the market of the region, we could have a great cooperation with the following companies:
Iranian airports organizations
Tavanir company
Iran’s electricity distributor
Electric power industry statistics
Arm company
Country aircraft organization
Engineering organization
Tehran municipality
Tabriz municipality
Mashhad municipality
Noor municipality
Road and Transportation Organization