Kiyan Sepehr Layan GPS holding has specialty in the field of hospital and medical equipment which according to the needs of Iran and the region have been able to provide the best products with the best qualities and top brands and distribute them in the region.
Due to the fact that we have deft experts who are aware of the requirements of the medicine and medical markets of the region, motivated us to provide and distribute high quality products which will improve the health of the society and as a result of that the improvement of life expectancy among human beings.
The market of Iran and the region comprises of different categories which are as follows:
Medicine distributors, medical supplies distributors, hospitals, the main pharmacies, health and medical stores and etc.
We would be honored to announce with the help of our hardworking team on the market of the region, we could have a great cooperation with the following companies:
Ta’amin Mavad Avalieh company (Tamad)
Daroupakhsh company
Kimia Darou company
Obeidi company
Mehr hospital
Kasra hospital
Farabi hospital
Afra Teb hospital
Masoud clinic
Mahbod clinic
Takht Jamshid clinic
Ghaem hospital
Rajaei hospital
Imam Khomeini hospital
Parsian hospital